To enhance The individual grooming of every child, curricular activities are a very much part of the school routine life.

Morning Assembly:

Morning assembly is the permanent feature That is held twice a week, usually on Monday and Thursday/Friday, during registration time. The Assembly is conducted in English, to pay attention to the needs of others, to act responsibly, to follow rules since rules are there to protect us, to be honest and loyal etc.  In this way, the assembly reinforces the standard of conduct expected from The Country School pupils.

Often students of a class or a section make a short presentation.  This is organized well in advance.  In fact, at the beginning of the term, class/registration teachers are given the schedule for their section/class to make a presentation.

The general rules regarding presentations are:

    • A presentation should be informative, clear and educational.
    • Except for an occasional poem recitation in Urdu, presentations are in English
    • It may contain comic elements as long as they are relevant and non-derogatory
    • The nature of the presentation should be in line with assembly requirements
    • The teacher organizing the presentation must ensure its validity

* Each class must present an assembly item per term

The co-educational character of the school to be maintained at assemblies, with no gender-based segregation up-till class 5.

The Country Schools follow the policy of the relevant Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education on co-education.


Maintaining discipline is the core feature of any school for which uniform code is the basic essential. The country school has some basic rules for the uniform code as follows.

  • There is no uniform in Reception class. However, children in this class are expected to be tidily dressed in clothes That do not impede their movement and play.
  • In all other classes, children must come in prescribed uniforms and should look tidy and smart when coming to school.
  • All items of the school uniform must be labeled with the student’s name.
  • Jewellery is strictly prohibited – except for simple studs or rings in girls’ ears.
  • Watches should have a plain black, brown or metal strap.
  • Throughout the day each teacher must ascertain that all pupils are properly attired.
  • The practice of removing the tie at the end of the day is forbidden.
  • All pupils must leave the school premises at the end of the school day wearing the full and correct uniforms.


Inter-class and inter-school competitions are held in Art, Essay writing, Handwriting and Speech throughout the year. The branches are sent proper rules for conducting the events in their campuses and sending the selected entries to the head office. Once the entries are received, the regional winners are selected by a team of experts and winning prizes and certificates are sent to the branches to acknowledge their efforts.