To make our students good and responsible citizens, many social awareness campaigns and fund raising projects are held throughout the year. The Country School has also been a part of such activities.

Over the decades, Bloomfield Hall has participated and encouraged its students to participate in many social awareness and fund raising projects.

Earthquake victims at CMH
Students and staff of Bloomfield Hall Schools and UCL worked day and night to reach out to the unfortunate people. The students sent many trucks loaded with relief goods and the juniors contributed money and gifts. Apart from monetary help, the students also went to different hospitals to help the nursing staff and read stories to the little patients. The Country School has also been a part of such activities.

Bosnia Aid Campaign 2000
Organized donations.

Fund Raising for Kosovo
Sickened and upset by the plight of the victims of Serbian authority in Kosovo, the students and staff of Bloomfield Hall and UCL launched a fund-raising campaign and gave money to Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (P.I.M.A) which was sending doctors and medical supplies.

Amnesty International Award for Peace
Amnesty International Award for Peace was awarded to Bloomfield Hall Schools in December 2008 from Amnesty’s French delegate Dr. Benoit D. Tallec.

Earthquake and Flood Relief – Current Work
In the last 12 months Bloomfield Hall System is engaged in a campaign to support the earthquake and flood victims. As the campaign is ongoing, it is stated in detail below. The earthquake and flood relief campaign is conducted jointly by Bloomfield Hall and World Hope Network.

Brief information about World Hope Network
World Hope Network is a vibrant global movement of people, dedicated to fighting poverty, and doing whatever is possible to get clean water, food, clothing, shelter, medical supplies and human assistance to wherever it is needed. Its vision is to subsequently empower the recipients to do the same and change from hope consumers to hope providers.

The mission of World Hope Network is to be involved in disaster relief, humanitarian aid, community development and education. World Hope will help anybody in need independent of religion, race, gender or status.
Its values are:

  • Humility (Eat where the people eat, sleep where the people sleep)
  • Sustainability (Don’t just give people fish, teach them how to fish)
  • Longevity (Long term gain is better than short term premature delivery)
  • Holistic Approach (consider all aspects of the persons’ needs, and then help them physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually)

Aid Projects
Aid for Balochistan earthquake victims, During February 2009 World Hope went to Quetta, Balochistan to distribute aid in the form of food, medical kits and children’s kits to many of the thousands of people who were affected by the earthquake that struck in October 2008.

After 28 hours of travelling by train, the team arrived in Quetta. There they met our local contacts and left from Quetta to affected area with relief kits.

Swat Relief Effort
After the success and completion of the earthquake relief effort to Balochistan, World Hope initiated another relief effort to continue to provide ways of bringing HOPE to the Pakistani people in need through a Swat Relief effort. On 10th July 2009, Volunteers of the World Hope team under the leadership of national president Arif Ashiq left for the very troubled and dangerous Swat Valley area (Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa), where the Pakistani government began a military offensive to regain control of this region from the Taliban. The team visited different camps in the town of Mardan where they distributed aid relief to the community.
In aid of floods:

The worst floods in the region for 80 years had killed at least 1,600 people and affected about 14 million, with fears that diarrhoea and cholera will spread among the homeless. Officials say 650,000 homes had been destroyed, 1.4m acres (557,000 hectares) of crop land had been flooded across the country and more than 10,000 cows had perished. The immediate priorities for survivors were clean drinking water and medical assistance.
World Hope Network in collaboration with Bloomfield Hall Schools and other organizations undertook aid to different flood affected areas as follows.

The Plantation Campain

This project was launched in collaboration with Cross Ronte motorcycle travellers club of Pakistan. The motorcyclists continued their campain for a whole week, and covered many branches from all the regions. The students participated in the tree plantation campain very enthusiastically in each branch, welcoming the motorcyclist normaly. Overall, numerous trees of different species were planted in the various campuses.