There are two types of teachers’ training.

  • In-house Training
  • External Training

In-house Teachers’ Training

In-house teachers’ training are conducted in following areas :

Teacher’s Academic Responsibilities

Some major aspects included in this category are

    • System Ethos
    • Lesson Planning
    • Communication Skills
    • Time Management
    • Exam Paper Marking
    • Student-Teacher Interaction
    • Parent-Teacher Interaction

Teacher’s Classroom/Administrative Responsibilities

    • Discipline
    • Class control
    • Regular upkeep of Work Registers, Grade Registers, Report Cards
    • Classroom resource management
    • Classroom environment

Subject Training

Training is conducted by the subject specialists in all subjects offered at all levels.

Reinforcement Plan

    • Remedial lessons (aims, objectives and content)
    • Remedial worksheets

External Trainings

Training Conducted in Pakistan

Trainers Organized by Paramount and Oxford University Press

Training Overseas

The Country School staff has attended training sessions in Singapore and Dubai.