All schools are centrally assessed by The Country School monitoring team to check the various academic and administrative aspects. Monitoring may be Internal or External.

  • Internal monitoring is conducted by the branch head for individual teacher by taking their class observation.
  • External Monitoring of branches is done twice or thrice a year.

It may be formal or informal.

  • Informal monitoring may be done at any time of the year randomly.
  • Formal / Informed monitoring is done by sending a proper schedule to the branches well before time. A list of document to be monitored is also sent along.
  • The branch head has to make sure that the Monitors are provided with the following pre-requisite for the purpose of Monitoring and have free access to them.
    • Teachers’ Time Table
    • Teachers’ Lesson Planners
    • Books & Notebooks as Per Booklist (sent by Secretariat)
    • Class Time Table
    • Syllabus Coverage
    • Work Register
    • Grade Files
    • Exam Papers
    • Notebooks and Students’ Diaries
    • Infrastructure of Campuses
    • Admission & withdrawal register
    • Teachers’ files
    • Classroom Observation(Internal) file by Head
    • Circular Register
    • Test Paper files
    • Morning Assembly register
    • Students’ Strength
    • Event Record file

    The monitoring report is signed by the branch head. Also some suggestions are shared to make future strategies to overcome the deficiencies. On next visit follow up report is also presented.